Praise And Love

Here’s what seekers working with me have said after receiving a reading (some of these can be seen at my Etsy shop as reviews):

”I’m really blown away by every single point you hit on that was EXACTLY what is going on in my life right now and shedding that perspective and light and clarity, your messages resonate so deeply! It was a very comforting reading and was the little nudge that I needed to know that I really am going in the right direction. I really can’t thank you enough! ” -J.Z.

”She answered my questions, is very patient, and although I was confused at the time of my reading, it definitely made sense. I’m very happy with the reading she had done” -J.V.

”Really interesting reading which gave me a lot to look forward to and think about! Thank you.” -S.S

”I greatly enjoyed my reading, as it was very insightful and full of depth. This reading is truly a ”map” towards healing.” -E

”Thank you for the reading. It really helped me out. When I read it, it made me feel better about my question.” -E.S.

”I think the summing up at the end brought all the cards together and was a perfect way to end the reading. You certainly have a gift and I am truly grateful for you giving me your time and doing me a reading. I can’t thank you enough.” -S.H.

”Thank you VERY VERY much, Ania, for such an incredibly accurate, insightful reading. It was great to have the practical suggestions and advice which really resonated with me & to have all situations directed in a positive sense.” -E.D.