Working Together

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I have chosen to let my intuition lead the way when I work with tarot cards, but I also have a genuine knowledge of classical tarot spreads, different tarot deck systems, and the literature that is considered classic and important in the tarot community.

I have a degree in social studies from the University of Lund, and in Sweden this qualifies me as a counselor. I incorporate this knowledge in my readings, always offering guidance that is meant to empower the seeker and help with seeing a situation from many different angles – perspectives you might not have considered yet.

I mainly view a tarot reading from an analyzing and counseling perspective meant to guide, awaken, and perhaps if it’s needed offer you some tough love and honesty. With the help of my trusty tools, tarot cards that is, I can help you see patterns and pathways in your life and help you get to know why your situation looks like it does.

I offer to help you explore your future, but I do NOT believe in the type of fortune telling that tells you that the future is set in stone. My belief is that some things in life are pre-destined, but most of life is not, and thankfully we have choices and free will. I use tarot cards to show you potential options about the future, and how the past and present will most likely affect your future.

I consider myself having a strong intuition that I have been in close contact with since childhood, but please note that I do not consider myself a psychic, a witch, a fortuneteller or a medium. I cannot, and I will not contact spirits, dead people, ghosts and similar. I reserve the right to turn down a tarot reading if I find it will harm someone.

I always offer clarification if you feel something in the reading was not clear. And I am always open to adjust how we work together. If you have a preference on what deck I use, just let me know and it can usually be arranged. If you wish to include a healing session (distance reiki healing), this can also be arranged, as well as a counseling session.

To work with me, just send an e-mail to or visit my Etsy shop.